Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Reason

Been too tired for a proper blog post and writing my fingers off, so instead I wrote a response to the writing prompt from the new Geek and Sundry Vlog channel "Wordplay":

I love poetry in general and tend to be a kind of free-verse,  E. E. Cummings sort of poet. It's not the 50 lines called for in the vid 'cos it worked better at this length. The prompts were "memory" and "the reason it is not there". And this is what I came up with because...I did. 

The Reason

Space floats
And we fall down
Always down
Without clear lines we
Fade and
Dust towards empty

Looking out
At a dusk gray ocean
Waves breaking and
Eyes blooming
That field of endless
Stuns and sinks me

The surface holds, barely
A breath, a whisper
A reason
Almost solid
Almost there

The reason it is not
The reason
Not the reason and
It is not
And never will be

If memory serves then
Remember to split it
Wide, wide, open
Let the world drift in and
Fill you up so

When it ends
With soft nothings held
In palms of blue
Whispered sweet and
Full of light
You will feel it
Ending  always ending and
That’s the reason 
but not THE reason

so the reason 

Is not there

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