Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

You are growing so fast, nearing 6 months already. Every day you do something new and amazing to me. Your smile lights up my life and makes my heart full and aching.

We have our rough patches. You desperately want to stand and walk but your little body just isn't ready yet. You're not great at sleeping, you want to experience the world all the time. You cry and I want to gather you up and protect you from everything that will ever hurt you in any way, even when it's out of love because you just can't launch yourself off a lap or stick whatever comes into view in your ever questing mouth.

It must be so strange for you, daughter, this world and being alive in it. I hope I am helping you learn and grow, I hope you can feel how much I love you even when I'm tired and frustrated and wish you'd go down easy for your nap.

Your face is beyond beautiful to me, but more than that, it is fierce and sharp and determined. It is not superficial prettiness, but a strength of will even though you are barely past being born. I will do everything I can, everything that's in me, to make sure you never lose this utter sense of self.

As your hair grows from brown to a fair, white blond, I hope you stay as defiant as the curl you were born with, that refused to fall out, and always know that I love you with all I am and more.